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So I'm trying to "remix" every one of Sandra Simonds poems in Warsaw Bikini. All the titles and some of the poems are made using an anagram generator. I don't know if this is a stupid idea. I don't know if Sandra will hate this/hate me. Oh well. Here's the second one (i used this site):

green ties you
after I Serengeti You

otter slowly removed his hand off of the fox’s / his eyes focused on the raccoon trying to figure out hell
the only word that could physically come

there wasn’t a guideline to opening up a softer chest

the otter sapped the glow / promised to marry how it feels inside / and sapped ancestry from a pretty good head


... but the ground stayed intense to the moment of being opened again

a picture of Dakota formed behind hatred and bitterness / embracing the fox kindly

the muzzle lay soft where the wind knocked him

tears hover over two lovers and one thought / knocked it out of him / the air became cloth / mumbled downward and into the foxes trembling cleft

... but something happened
cold became a prize / the move forward quit for wanting / the air repeated it again / the otter shook / beads of lead were fluffed about his fur

and our jean were very very disturbed


  1. this is very, very disturbed----which is to say....thank you!!!

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