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Andrew Bird is Lord

Is that whistling even human? Oh look at me and my guitar and amazing voice and xylophone and my crazy bird whistle. He's not human. He's something much more.


  1. Craig and I have talked about how we'd like to start a visiting singer-songwriter series here, and Bird is someone we both agree we'd love to have. My friend's wife is his manager, so if the idea ever got off the ground I would at least have the context to make an inquiry to see if he'd be interested.

    The friend, by the way, is one of the poets I have lined up for Emergent Forms in the fall.

  2. Oh man, that would be amazing!

  3. Kasey,
    if you can get Andrew Bird to come to SOU, you will be my personal god. I'll build temples and shit. Scouts honor.

  4. Wow.


    'k. I'm looking up this Mr. Bird now. Awesome!

    Also: @ an EF-type thing? More so (awesome)!

    Also also: people associated w/ this guy: even more so. Etc. etc.

    Blog comment summary: "awesome."