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to get you through the monday, with it's sticky fingers and lost staring, stinging your eyes and twisting your hands, holding on, hold on, hold.

Elephant Guns
Lon Gisland Ep

The Songs That We Sing
Charlotte Gainsbourg
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  1. I dreamed about a panda and his name was Mr. Bigbutt. I carried him around with me. Just when I was going to get rid of him, he gave birth to 6 baby pandas (red orange yellow green blue and purple) and they were horribly cute and I loved them and put them in a hamster-fence (like the kind you put up in your living room so your hamster can run around) and I realized when I prevented 4 orange baby pandas from escaping that they were breeding and they bred by having their eggs (like caviar) come out of my mouth and I kept spitting and drooling baby panda eggs while I tried to keep them from getting away and Bill Clinton came and was eating the eggs (he thought they were candy) and I yelled at him and punched him in the face and animal control came and took away all my pandas.

  2. that is a crazy, crazy dream, and i hope it was inspired by my blog.