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Poem: Last Week In Texas

I wrote this on a napkin too. Mostly at the kickball game & at dinner.

Last week in Texas
I was so full of shit.
The door was locked
the whole time.

Last week in Texas
I found penny stacks
on some park benches
parked inside a coffee cup.

Last week in Texas
I looked at a kite
in the air like a heart
or either way, i was sad :(

Last week in Texas
I was called Californian
poured down oranges and skates
waiting endlessly for a wave

last week in texas
i drank stale bread smoothies
they were awful
they were adorable

Last Week In Texas
my empathy center burped
in a pinch hit
from to Fire Island


  1. Sweet jangles, sir. I like this. I like the restraint. I like the quatrains, especially the first quatrain and the quatrain about the stale bread smoothies. I think you could tweak/tighten in a few spots, maybe. Are you bringing this into class?

  2. yes.

    and thank you.

    sweet jangles is my favorite new exclamation.

  3. I think it should be your new name. Or someone's. Maybe Mike's. Or mine.