big time cat fancier


please don't panic anymore please

i wrote this yesterday. i was sad that no one was talking to me or near me. i can be very needy in the summer.


It was still decemeber when the house grew springs and bounced out onto the freeway. Everyone was scared. Everyone panicked. Panic! At The Disco bought everyone mochas and told them, "Hey, it will be okay. Let's all just watch the end of the world and drink our hot-cocoa, or whatever this shit is."

Tomorrow came, and it made the band very angry. Jarvis Cocker's big head told the world how to mate in a low hum, like the radio turned real low, or when you think someone is in your house, so you look around for a while, and no one's there, but you're still a little scared.


  1. Try new foods. Stay up a lot. Cook breakfast at times of the day that make you giggle and blush.

    This is not just advice: this is what I did last summer translated into advice.

    In other words, it's bad advice.

    Wait. Hmmm.

  2. Maybe you should take up needlepoint. Or fencing! There is that super-cool group of kids at the park that hit each other a lot.

  3. i'm thinking about joining the big brother program. maybe my older brother will buy me things, or let me drive his car, or buy me lots of beer.

    either way i win.