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the new things i bought are probably better than the new things you have bought


bryan and i went used book shopping in ashland yesterday. are people in used bookstores nicer than most people? it seems like it. they always want to suggest good books or just chat. i really like getting good deals on books. buying books shouldn't make me as happy as it does, like when i drink orange soda and eat pizza or get cheap unicorn decorations. it makes me feel bad though, like i'm embracing consumerism. i guess there are worse things i could spend my money on. and worse places i can spend it.

City Poet: The Life and Times of Frank O'Hara BRAD GOOCH
Machine Art & Other Writings EZRA POUND


read bryan's post about the new michael moore movie SICKO.


what have you guys been reading / writing / buying / listening to?

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  1. Hey, you're living in the city right now? You should call me I do not have your number. We could hang out at Powell's or Reading Frenzy, an excellent zine store right next to Powells.
    I am going to Colorado tommorow but will be back on the seventeenth. Holla back!