big time cat fancier


I have 1,236 words.

I have surpassed my goals.

Everyone should start getting sponsored by yuppies for "writing marathons" and make them pay you for the amount of words you write in a given amount of time. That would be superb.

Keep writing novels. Maybe you will be the next Jimmy Buffet. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Here is a piece of my new novel entitled "Buy this book so i can feel like a real writer and my parents will feel like i didn't waste my time and money at a liberal arts college, holding hands and singing praises of liberal politics"

Gina is on powertrip. She is smoking and horning white clouds and chatting metaphysics and casual band acquaintances. "This man is my cousin," she says, "He is a band that you will love." We cover our eyes with vodka and forgive everyone in the morning, but in the night the heat eats at our ankles. I'd like to tear off her clothes, or maybe not, but it is late and if I leave alone again this will be three, and it's hard to shake off.


  1. I Am a Band That You Will Love should be the title of your novel. Scoot me an email with the doc link.

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  3. "we cover our eyes with vodka and forgive everyone in the morning..."

    nice. i want to know what that is like. maybe.

  4. Something interesting: you never fucking blog, smurf.