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I think this year for NaPoWriMo (which starts in April), I'm going to write a series of google sculpted heroic couplets.

I'm going to need suggestions for topic material, because the last couple years I haven't been able to make it all the way through the month. But I'm hoping that if I have a constraint it'll help me get through the days I have ZERO motivation.

Any ideas??

I'm also thinking about then turning it into an online chapbook. I want all my friends to do it. So if you don't do it, we aren't friend :*( If we make them PDF's it shouldn't be that hard to publish on our blogs.


  1. Get material from people you see every day. Ask the coffee girl what she wanted to be when she was a little coffee girl. Mine the vocabulary of whatever you consider your specialty (music? bestiality?)

    Heroic couplets is good. Don't make them all rhyme.

    You could also read poems from elsewhere and write counter-poems.

    PDFs is good.

  2. I'm in. Free chapbooks all 'round.