big time cat fancier


w.s. rides a hot air balloon across the big drink

i saw America floating over the water,
running across it a thousand white rabbits
tiny black eyes glistening

their bodies making a swift cloud
criss-crossing back and forth

i was even higher
i was above America in a big red balloon

above me, the sky saw a flower

the woman i love with corn colored hair
ran her hands across the copper trim

she thought the rabbits were terrifying
she picked one up and ran her hands
along it's spine

when she got bored, she tossed it aside
it fell back into the cloud and made no splash
she thought that was weird


  1. You are a master of words O great one!

    I am blinded by the beauty of your phrases.

    My delicate mind can hardly handle the depth and purity of your insights.

  2. one day, when we are old and i am cursing your youth and beauty and you are still bible-clad and chesthair-appropriate, i will pause an extra few seconds to appreciate this poem before removing your hands with my sweaty chainsaw.