big time cat fancier


#27 Instead Of A Paper

MAN MAN MAN FUCKS GIANT CAR CAR CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! This is a very strong image. Place yourself in it. Crawl in it. Get COMFORTABLE > PUBERTY!~~~~~~ JACK SPICER SENT ME!!!! YOU ONE CRAZY BITCH, BILL > PINEAPPLE. Sometimes I make kissy faces at bums. FOR YOU!! NUMBER TWO IN A BUCKET! SURPRISE ME! YUMMMMMMM> CANDY BEARS. Nice tracksuit. Can you picture it? All the gooey yum yum hello kitty phone? This isn’t your paper anymore, cracker-face! I belong to the anal extension I applied for in the winter? Be my candy man? I’ll buy YOU A VAN. I will SING you YANKEE DOODLE DANDY while fucking four manatees. Nice looking ones at that > pieces of garbage. HOT FUCKING MANATEES ON HOT FUCKING MATRESSES, MAN, MAN, BOAT SHOW… UM KILLER FLANK STEAK….? NOT11111119999933334234JGJD. You are to Janet Jackson as Steak is to syphilitic mine shaft. Bill, Lucky Pierre? Call Jesssssssssss, a pirate. Finger sandwiches have a new definition now. NO BITING.

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