big time cat fancier


#5 (late)

i am ok i am fucked i am ok i am fucked: the jess rowan story

sikkk babes innit BLOOD
rate my poo

(when i say this lol i actually meen
bear cos we have bear huiugs
lol hahah funny times)
we hav sucha larf

We breed, show, race, lease,
and do like everything withour horses.
we hav sucha larf
WE also board my favourite movies
of all time!! garfield!!

name a song n ill tell u if i think its gd or not!
none of that crap stuff, i like 50 cent etc
i can b a bit random at times lol.
They’ve been looking around,
they’re like searching for you
big ass dogs.fuck
i cant lie
lil dogs 2

rate my poo

erm hate proper stuck up ppl,
n ppl hu think ther hard
but r just all tlk!

If anyone needs an example
of success breeding success
Tonight I plan to have shaggy time
wiv jason da lad. hotti 4 lyf. best gels innit !
Jess Rowan is breeding
yooh babi

breed-Quarter horse
In Which Jess Ventures
Into The Limited View
of The Women's Room
personality-Firey and hard to handle.
likes to test you
and is always throwing curve balls
picture Person: Name-Jessica

Jess Rowan did spectacular jobs
reportedly launched an unprovoked attack on snapper
and it gave Josh light indoor

rate her poo

Suzie is my daughter along with jess rowan.
i can never abandon them

While there is a lot of doomy depictions
of people
shaking their heads
over dwindling numbers of breeding pairs
& the loss of habitats
there are surprises
jellyfish will not stop breeding and blooming

breed harder. Ahhhh!

For your information there’s an inflammation in my tear gland


Turns out eutrophication makes them rate my poo

They’ve been looking for you,
even though I told them not to.

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  1. best/most accurate poem anyone has written for/about me. i wish author bios were allowed to be longer and in poem form :)