big time cat fancier


#6 (late)

This lateral cut of quiet to the knee
our digits fingering the lapel
buttoning the top parts of absence

is this the science of falling apart?

the corners absorbing what eyes
strain for, sigh back a little
making room for our needy hearts


a concrete horse goes along for a while

the ceramic begins to crack & splinter

sees a Visigoth looking sad and wonders how he got there

a bridge of toothpicks
a paper plane
a hat shaped like a boat


the rain put holes in the roof
alternately switching from love
to sigh to shudder

candle light strained
the window and pillows
whispered silhouettes

the tired dialing of a telephone
a broken line
a face made dark and crummy
an ax through the mailbox
getting smaller
our friends getting smaller still more
and leaving us sleep hopefully

please asleep
Greek clock
tired heart

is this the science of falling apart?

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