big time cat fancier


so as to not be a cheater (cough, cough) #1

j--- has an Atari pad for a brain
for Jess Rowan

or that triangle where burnt out Doritos
and the color orange go to have a holiday

you know, the old color (cool ranch)
like Dante's lugubrious ham sandwich

or the dryer sheets tucked way back
so our arms distress and bend

distress and bend

the twisted
like a hug
around the pole

or that triangle where holy teeth touch holy pals
and the mother superior caught in LAX for hours

this is a little dance number
hummed through the cracked lips of an old singer

or chirped birds, hot lips, lipstick mayhem

and took that tree to the beach for its peace of mind
the breeze touched its roots and went home

i am home in the rain or some complicated dance numbers

1 comment:

  1. lovely!

    "like a hug
    around the pole"

    "hummed through the cracked lips of an old singer"