big time cat fancier



some brash televised silence
in a K-Mart
where they sell underwear

don't and animal motions
a hand, where it doesn't belong
hiding like coming home

tell martha
the plane (like all things drowned)
will often cure or soften [drags out]

being ugly and brutal
these lights, these
lights, being ugly and brutal

stay on all times of the day
no recoil
the sign is signified

made to stay in place
each crazy underwear model
ugly and brutal


  1. I appreciate your comment and had actually been waiting to read some of your poetry to get an idea of where you are coming from in your comments of others. So, I waited for it to be awful and to think "what is he even talking about"; somewhat reluctantly I admit that your poetry is quite good itself. I hope that you are in no way offended by what I say since I have a crazy desire to be more abrasive and blunt than my mind set can actually handle. As for poetry depression, I find the knowledge that I am not the only one that often feels that way reassuring and motivating to keep going. One thing that I depend on is that there is no real original thought anymore just a chance to rearrange thoughts into a make believe of the original. Love this poem that I posted on, by the way :).

  2. I like this one Alex, the final line is exacting and frictive, and though the meaning layer tugs, the sounds themselves are what they are, and they are.