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Poetry Depression

How do we re-energize the poetry community? Does it need re-energizing? I'd like to think that I'm a (small) part of that, rubbing electrons together (in a non-sexual way) to get some movement.

Am I an asshole for even wanting to do any of this?

I feel like a total asshole fake lately. Yesterday I cleaned my room and read Anne Boyer's blog and got depressed because

1) I'm pretty sure every one of my peers thinks I'm a dick (besides my close friends)


2) now I feel like I'm part of the stagnation of poetry, looking back all the time and trying to make that writing part of my brain. I thought that was how it worked, but maybe I'm wrong.

Fuck Martians.

I've lost confidence.

Maybe if I just put sparrow eggs up there I'd be a lot better off.

How do you make something "new"? Because the more I read the less original I feel.

I mean, is originality worth something anymore? Or are all of us (poets) merging into a mass of poetic goop?

I don't even know if I have a voice anymore.

I like what I write, but is that enough?


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  2. There there little guy, I'll buy you a unicorn and there will be magic and glitter and other shiny good-things.