big time cat fancier


Square (revised)

square turning into other
square often if shaped now
is square but not functioning to square
if square bred not bent turning
function to bend square if
yes other square now in square
two as if square were "square"
never function if rendered square
square shaped to breed often yet
functioning other yes square
human ugly form breed square
square human broken breed
often square bred if
bend function in human square

happy square rent bargain for
human bend square in square
never two square rendered awful
square tight protocol bendable square
around diamond perhaps square
rumble tag if yet square
cool form yes function square
O pink bendable square house bred
square as diamond human bargain
square tremble tight "squarer" perhaps

metal breed square happy rumble
never never two tight square
lover knight square
hollow pinch square King Arthur
table function square eloping
form field pink no bother
square death red hole nothing
square table lowered protocol
tear knitted square still falling
tremble tight last forget fall
square diamond in red pinch nothing
is square all till is all till square
field pink square to last light

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