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Your Absence (3:05 PM)

It was your absence that led us to believe in holes, in mangoes, in heart's shape
It was your absence or the shock in the basin and wrenching old pipes, clean
It was your absence, so you know, the way the sound fills the spaces in houses and
if you were back sound might, returning clear and bright
It was was your absence, i think, fitted black gnats to collar of best shirt

It was your absence or set of limitations, a pile of rusted socks, some note saying
Where the fuck did the milk go?
It was your absence that filed my taxes all catty-wompus
It was your absence that buried some in toe jam, toenail, toe, us still of tow of this we don't love / need / appreciate / understand
It was your absence got some mud stuck still bringing wire home on christmas
It was your absence (i.e. dictation, skipping the point, having socks on sleeping, hitting on the right/wrong, imagery or images of an young blond sunk, "Harvard" glasses)

It was your absence, you hope, a little handle, a fleck of new salt
It was your absence that let pressure be steam be a cloud be an alligator to someone we know
It was your absence which made us all trouble and no more air (for example: balloon, penis, ego)

It was your absence and things we don't talk about
It was your absence and don't talk about things we
It was your absence and about things we talk don't things
It was your talk and talk and about and about, things, absence of don't
It was your don't we talk and absence about things that thing don't talk
It was your absence, absence, absence, things absence don't talk about

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