big time cat fancier




She was shocked by the purity

of command and smoked till

she pukes. An elevator is different

everywhere. We get glasses on our

glasses. How is the difference the

game? She is the folk song

parring our if's and oh so

sorry's? Often the chagrin of

our fathers. Hula out Diane, no

one listens to the RADIO!

Awkward dildo fight uphill. Says

this peanut butter is to think.

Knows that, precious. We made

constellations with our fingertip.

Notarized best for lying. Awful love.

Lovers are not only not best. How

does watching the fuck make

you feel?

Notice how a sparrow is like

porn, hollow bones, weightless

triumphant. A chemical mix up

they say. Diane have you ever

stopped hearing.

The dragon and beast at dawn

alone fidgeting, high as shit

on the shore. "Don't piss me

off Tina Turner." The younger

one tells the moon

about younger pilot, left

to breathe the long wind.

The triumph of letters. On top

of it the Concord crashes

into the unending deep. A fish

sings to the dead, allowed no

connection like that one movie.

With Murder She Wrote.

No telling how steep it is. He

holds the heaviest marbles. "I

sink to know you." Slipping

in to the brine & black.

Annexed Birds

Broke Suzanne
fucks a twelve

pack of beer, holds the

timberline in folds and shits

on beached cars near bottled bridge

in the lungs of Brooklyn

as if tires don't mean moving

Notice the wingspan & breasts

holding craftsmen together

wanting to be known to anything

the fish

pimple to

know limits

& know figures

mythos & fact

as if different

Pisses on intellectual magma

and let hell know of indifference

rules around naming & knowing

too bend in flight and

come out again

There is no linear expectation

in the art of borrow

we never expected to sully

the dead and damaged

Mute allies finger to be


and overpopulation reeks

takes a nap through Nov.

Broke Suzanne
linger over

her mother and swallows

"Forgive the change in

the willows and laundromats

this language means

no offense just awkward

means to offsetting the

loneliness of flight"

In flight she breaks down

know the trellises of being

singular and afraid

a branch

a birch

a sparrow

a knotted hollow

clouds like sawdust and

part of a horse drawn