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Love Your Friends Not Your Lovers

I just finished reading Kendra Grant Malone's new e-book Love Your Friends Not Your Lovers form Bore Parade. It is a collection of brutally honest diary entries. I can see how her honesty might make some people REALLY uncomfortable, and I was a little bored at first and not sure if I'd finish it, but it becomes very addictive. It's not gushing and indulgent. How, I'm not sure. Maybe it's her lack of discretion. Maybe it's all the sex. Sex is interesting. I know one of the people in the book and it made me really awkward. And I guess that's something she's prepared for.

There is a lot of sex in this book. And it's graphic, but honest and charming as well. This books is disarming. You should read it.


  1. if anyone wants a copy to put on the shelf, you can purchase a copy from jaguar uprising press for $5.