big time cat fancier



A Golden Impediment of Soil

The plots of graves

hidden & sedative

a brazen treaty as if

some figs gather to commence

cosigner of the altierior noun

Don't be pious with you pitchfork

raise up your palms for attic truth

                Note the incongruity

                preachers with heat lines

                parataxis smoothie colored

                bits on our shoulders

But you me shuffle paper

cup firebugs in prayer & water worship

                Shogun dices hymen

                for parabolic mud fluid

                not sick as an

                engagement slow pourer


His head low and buggy

dishes & cement slabs

He (not you supposedly) finds out lonesome

going off for toilet paper

the poet is (being an animal) gracious soil

Bestial galleries

piss and shit violating the gorges & allies

mythos grumbling between stacks of giants

Kierkegaardian pistols line the freeway

we attended to you

                We hate symbol trope err on mythos

                thread battered Zeus troops

                a peach means a peach's tree

                means a place to find a bee sitting



I am sorry mother for this monster

hatched in bathtub rural Kansas at

night and follow light to make beautiful



                Porsche like axes grinding

                serpentine serpentine serpentine

                Bob why make the kids so ugly

                with snot and powerful hamstrings

                on a blue bus going somewhere

                I sleeping in gross water I know

                sure arrows feisty beetles sky hands

Note a levy in breath

in single site I know her

but never stand like an actuation

of destiny

                Some rosy doctrine of cross population

                static across the board and back

                twelve revolutions of notes subside

                bran muffin still in the mail

                where does this form function




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