big time cat fancier


Poetry Exercise

A. abalone call
B. building nurseries vocational
C. cribbage slats from foam
D. Dada above & through
E. even Palo Alto supports
F. fallout on our tongues
G. gonna buy me a short track
H. Hamming it up & robbing the fire
I. I'm shed and past longing
J. jamming limbs past granite
K. killing jet packs
L. lists trample blue on table top
M. Mango hum Mango drop Mango brought
N. Nono slips down a fruit path
O. opportunity dreading the lines
P. pithy birds in flight
Q. quiet ought trips
R. ripe shirts go up
S. sustained a chord a valve a cavity
T. thump rumble bramble thump
U. under flat skin ripples
V. velocity ripping through air
X. xylaphone broke and older
Y. yachts modeling cold drinks
Z. Zebra lets loose on outbound bees


By the way, finals are killing me. I just want to be done and write poetry all summer and count books.

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