big time cat fancier


recent chapbook / journal acquisitions

From Left To Right:

A Maximal Object, Chuck Stebelton (Mitzvah Chaps 2008)
I Can't Get Excited About The Third Reich Anymore, Angela Galvan (self-published 2008)
Art Is War Anne Boyer (Mitzvah Chaps 2008)
Peter Pan Mocha French Toast, Mike Young (Magic Helicopter Press 2008)
Work no.5 feat. Jess Rowan, Paul Deppler, Dan Fisher, & Sara Wintz (WORK 2008)

I can't say enough good things about these books. I got Anne and Chuck's books today in the mail and I'm already smitten. Anne's book is fucking defiant. It's like lo-fi indie rock. It's like Pavement good. Mike Young is always good. Can't go wrong with that shinin' man. Angela's book is just one page folded in half, which is cool. I'm sure she'd give you a piece of paper if you asked. And finally WORK. I'm bit partial to Jess Rowan, but the magazine is objectively great. You should buy it. The guy who edits it is swell.



  1. u are the sexiest panda boy i know boy

  2. I just got the ANNE BOYERS!!! Living the dream life! You have to get Sport by Kenneth Goldsmith and you too will be living the dream life!

  3. <3

    (yes, I will give anyone a piece of paper, and I haven't forgotten about the people who asked for them by mail)

  4. Um, so how did you get a hold of Work no. 5...I feel like I'm missing something. I went to the link you gave, but they only listed bookstores where you can find it (at least that I saw). Thanks!

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