big time cat fancier


new poem: written after watching Step Brothers (no connection ((or is there?)))


ghost with a tingly feeling in his dick

mismatching the underwear for Klingon

most often fucking ducklings build a house with shade

like a shape being made we see them as small parcels

it is interesting

    it is interesting to note the hole in his prick

or make him a cake in the shape of his true love

she had a worn handle in the back of her hams

a tight flute morbidly purple and rested

little spindles of drunk guy coming and shuffling

get out of the car and shut the fuck up

    the car handles the night air as if they were soft lips

the goings on and fastened Casper penis envy

    is he even a real spectral orgasm

probably the cake feels worn out and lucid

nobody here fucked-up Mickey Mouses' hair

the drunk man in the garage hiding

    i think he knows me