big time cat fancier


from the airplane

no sleep... it just keeps getting earlier (or later)... it stays day...T

Music For An Airplane Wheel

pieces of a varied compact or
some chords a host of leveling winds

as in our sister welcoming
doom with two arms tight

some believe this of music
and there was a depth to this
and an ogre mad of hot pink

all the ghosts can live up here
where i will sell any beauty for

so the shortcomings of modern medicine

all ganglia arched and scrutinized
make modern tools like that
I dare you

The Famous Game Room
for Lacey

How she pictures wisdom can go
like some blank table riding a
kite and I thought pictures
of language, nude, stretched out
on long plastic chords, very tasteful
but no one drinks red when, and
I know what sign means it, and
some computer speaks it meaning
and withstanding vault after vault
of hurried feathers, tiny blue
boxes of felt and when held the
flower calms and blooms showing
its pubic hair in the public pool,
to children no less

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