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so many cool things happening on the internets and I don't feel like part of them

I'm staying in Oviedo, Spain until September 9th, studying Spanish at La Universidad de Oviedo. A lot of cool stuff is happening on the blog scene and I don't really feel like part of it. But it's fine. I'm in Spain. Fuck you.

So here is a list. Of cool stuff.

LM Rivera is tirelessly posting at Exit, pursued by a bear

K.S. Mohammad had a great post about Poetry (as) And Technology

Dodie Bellamy has a fucking blog!

Clay Banes, keeping it real

Angela Genusa is relentless (in a good way)

& Mike Young is popping up everywhere and has a cool reading coming up

When I get back to the states I'm going crack down and get back to blogging and writing regularly.

Lacey, Jess, & I are currently working on a summer poetry correspondence project, which will hopefully be available in print some time this fall (if I don't end up writing a bunch of unpublishable bullshit.)


  1. You lucky bastard Alex. See a toreo or corrida or the like for me. At minimum throw a fist in the air for El Juli if you go to Madrid.

  2. Hey, I saw your piece at Pindeldyboz from the novel project. Nice work, dude!

  3. I hear ya Alex. No real time for the net these days. We will all crack down in a month.
    My end of the book is coming along. . .there is definitely some stuff other people don't need to waste their time with though.

  4. Did you get that cool photo of the unicorn statue in Spain? N-I-C-E!!!

    Spain... hmmph! I'm jealous.

  5. the picture of the unicorn was taken at Buckingham Palace in London. We were there for two days before we went to Spain. Cheap flights and connections and such things.