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Would They Really Want To Publish My Book?...

Mr. Burford:

Hello. My name is Claire and I work for the Irene Goodman Literary Agency in New York. We're expanding our client base to include literary/humorous fiction and we loved your piece in Pindleydboz we wanted to invite you to query us if you had any full-length work (novel or full-length non-fiction you have completed.)

You can email a query to this email, ATTN: CLAIRE; put PINDLE in the title.

Thanks for your time.


Agents' Assistant

The Irene Goodman Literary Agency
80 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1101
New York, NY 10011


  1. Wow man, this is big news! You gonna send them anything?

  2. I can't imagine they would actually publish a book long manuscript of my story.

    did you look at their list of authors?

    but i'm still going to do it.

    i needs to get paid!

  3. Yeah, there's a big discussion going on at Zoetrope about this agency. They've got new agents doing an aggressive sweep of the online literary world, trying to expand into new arenas. Definitely legit. Nice going on the nod. Even if you don't have a full length MS, it's good to establish a line of communication.

  4. Holy crap man, That is freakin' sweet. Good job on getting yourself out there and published- and congrats. Even if it's just a nod that's pretty rewarding.

  5. i am jealous and i don't even know you. please come and read in my reading series before you get famous.