big time cat fancier


"This is What Jesus Would Do"

I want to have lots of readings in Ashland this year.

If you want to read poetry in front of an audience I can make this happen for you.

Email me.

I want to have house readings with beer and friends. So people can just relax and enjoy poetry and talk to one another.

And readings on campus. I want to trick people into coming to poetry events and then trick them into liking it.

I want to get my shit together and finish all the chapbooks I've started. BLAH.

If anyone wants to publish my chapbooks they should email me.

I have an Ezra Pound one called Canto, For Saxophone.
A Gertrude Stein one A Brutal Crib.
A Barret Watten one called Reduction.
One I wrote last spring break which is really small called The Horner In Fleet With Dust.
This could be a section of a larger book. I have some other poems and large sections of writing just sitting around. Like my Spice poems. Those are pretty good. These could all be put together to make a book instead of chapbooks. Maybe I'll just publish them myself. It's hard. I'm bad with design. Maybe I'll just print them out on regular 8 1/2 X 11 paper and staple it and give it to my friends and mail it to poets I like with a note that says, "publish my poems or I'll send bears to burn down your family."

I want to be so fucking productive this fall.