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Barf Manifesto

I once barfed at a 24 hour car wash on the way (drunk) to a Sherry's in Medford, OR. I ran from the car, packed with drunk college kids and one, very sad driver. I puked all over my shoes in the blue-ish flood lights and I could see the little bits of macaroni and cheese I (apparently) wolfed down without chewing earlier. The puke had that acidic quality and I could here people yelling for me to hurry up, but I felt my head lulling back and forth like when joggers finally lose it. I got lost a little between the tall iron sides of the building. The full moon made depth perception impossible. There was jostling and yelling and now we were in Sherry's and I was trying to ask for water and I was spilling it on myself and then I was in the bathroom and some guy was whistling and peeing and I started dry heaving into the toilet and thought I knew the tune. I remember spilling more water on myself. The waitress kept smiling and asking if I wanted pie.

Dodie Bellamy
's Barf Manifesto is one of the best essays I've ever read. It only takes about half an hour to read, and I'm slow. If she asked me to barf for her, I would. No questions asked. Her break in the traditional essay structure allows for something many essays don't, pleasure. The language is beautiful and entertaining without giving up analysis or content. BARF BARF BARF. She draws a line in the sand for readers. She allows in the personal. She totally barfs all over the notion of "objectivity," which, although it may seem out-dated or trite in this "post-modern" world we live in, it is still very much entrenched in academia. BARF. She contextualized the poetry of Eileen Myles (whom I've never really liked) in a way that resonated in me and led me to actually the poem "Everyday Barf." So basically, she's awesome and crazy smart.

I'm head over heals about her writing, and anyone who hasn't taken the time to read her, you definitely should.


  1. Alex, you're very generous and this time you've really hit the nail on the head about my favorite genius.

    God bless you for your good words.

    Kevin K.
    San Francisco

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