big time cat fancier


Describing a poster of the San Diego Zoo

only in this drum of mottled punks
only sojourned western classical pianists
only dressed and trying at being
only in amplitudes
only the sticky looking
only, but the better of twin holidays
only the tired hands rubbing and rubbing
only rubbing and twisting out towards
only no one in, busting and inactive
only regarded in a small piles of salt
only harmonics in place of arms
only kindling to burning
only to have vision and exciting
only bearing passion to no place
only in a mist and often at night
only a farewell transmission
only to go someplace and hear it and know it and be and care for it, but never making gentle or snow of, for no person can be a pile of much for long less he lose that long dark hall inside his mouth, and if that is lost than all kind of powers can be lost.
Here is a list of those powers:
and fibers and
malice connecting to a more hospitable place
a collection of fragrants and viable powers
no one should have to say it
and in being it we recall
and it was a better spring
or can or will and often it
does change and make a lone call
but that night is not a power so it will not be on list and if you can hear me then this is working and whole world must have power again, yet yearning is greater and can make, also never forcing or pushing and folding and tricking into a whole not like the greater but like the lesser, somehow at the base of all things ticking off, someone in big colliding night says, "Texas" and means that but never says it too.
This was nearly a holy place.
This told and we being
god of boogers
god of enormous testicles
god of plastic knives
god of hybrid cars
If he learned it and could taste it, yet at a beautiful camera no one pointed and he left and was appreciated and...

Alex climbed into a steel machine where he was made into a robot or was killed.

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