big time cat fancier



[some shoes] grinding against pearled mother board, and we accept that fever is revelry and higher forms of yellow, spiraling hired ghouls in [europe] where yokes have a labor force, [i] have a labor force, excluding the peril in [my legs], excluding the frivolous nature of our kissing [or making use of clothes], nobody has a better brother, or pearls, her arms hanging like big clam accounts, driven and filed, [we shoulder]

[three] if each had a number for this hunger, [not quiet] in a moment of fire and pride, we garnish the hell with fine unbelievable foolishness, am i numb in the following parade, can [i] arrange the picture of myself [as young], dancing in a sweat glaze, [shoulder] to shoulder she defines [the lumps]

[i] had a time spent duplicating the structure of furniture [and movement], legs can open cans, finger burst pimples in wide arrays of pleasure, [noticing] the moment two things become absolutely [shit], we tried torso, tried and made pleasure, this is believable, also is very ordinary, nothing is OK or genius, i purse my asshole towards and wish you would sleep and [let me champion] this kind of dance

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