big time cat fancier


reading Tender Buttons

A paralytic shape resembling the birth & the coin & the bind & the snap. Although people tend to pool themselves, although rivulets of gravy & starch punched in behind the trumpet, behind the piano as if all knowing is a kind of telling. Listening with the cat in the corner by the jazz & the tiny movements this is a kind of hand dance made around a circle. Space & hands to cramp around a menu. Although trends vary in states we drink yellow or brown to black. This is very near sleeping or gold.

Rhythmic house or in a balloon & with sand perched on our forceps. We gather in knowing & being clusters huddling in bright carpet. Rhythmic bells churning to help finding or appreciation of glowing lights. This now how becoming is let in although birch trees need light to gather hemp. Our fathers took flights in a path to our houses & made sandwiches & long gestures towards space.

Short volumes of horns blasts.

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  1. how are you liking tender buttons? I've never read it, but it's on my list.