big time cat fancier


Being A Daddy Isn't Easy

---After Mango Kisses

effeminate Emperor Palpatine haunting SF
living in a communist portrait
framed in sand
a kind of purple once again

two beams of light coming from us
not humble but bitten by snakes

that isn't like coming through a keyhole
so she holds tea & a heart looks simple
coming in and out of a coma
a rock owl, a raspberry fizz, caramelized pig

some folks reconsidered & were shot from a cannon
now called Missouri by no one in particular


  1. NICE!

    I'd say you captured the film quite well. (Better than it captured itself).

    "a rock owl, a raspberry fizz, caramelized pig" is dead on.

    And who could forget the two light beams. . .

  2. Can you please write a poem called a pile of pandas for me?