big time cat fancier


Montana, do you ever sing to the moth on my chest.

---For Ted Berrigan

Montana did you build
a deer or a beard in
the dull grounds of
sea thistle.

A deer wearing a beard
intent on building
a sea out of owl grounds
and the thistle sings
beer drinking songs.

Dear editor,
while drinking owls
and rush of beards
tackled a deer wearing
the sea as a hat.

Upon flushing out songs
the sea growled at a owl
who picked thistle from his
beard which was a cue
to his broken glasses and
his professors hat.

Growing tired
with his deer in tow
the hat cued the sea
to break owls open
and drink the beer inside.

Most old bearded owls
know better but still
break cradles and piss
in the sea, with his hat
on, the thistle in his cheek.

Bye bye piss caked glasses
even if you knew better
than deer, hats, the sea,
some popes still fuck up
the economy, but it sure
was a nice owl.

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