big time cat fancier


Tiny Monster Demands More Mazel Tov

---For Genevieve Kleinbaum
"Love goes home to Paris in the spring."---The Magnetic Fields

My stupid brain to your eyes
and then into your brain
then the uses of your stomach
then perennials, woodyplants, hosta
and not unusual with gold Coreopsis integrifolia.

Each flower is a bright rosy-purple
with dozens and dozens of big white nurses.
Bon Vivant Nursery!

That's why tiny monster would be amazing!

Are tiny cat pants radical feminists.

Minka's eyes in a Mexican hat dance
only a tiny monster orthodox Jewish couple
now living in just a little tiny bit better.

We have a mental image
of a baby dressed in a teeny-tiny Eskimo outfit.

little monster
hole in the head
hot lights

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  1. Oh. My. God. Oh my god.

    This is perfect. I have no words. PERFECT.