big time cat fancier


From the Light of Water and The Heavy of Drunk

---For Tara

A light water reactor uses ordinary water
uses ordinary water to clean federal acts
to clean electrical energy

A flood of blue light shines down through the shower
while I'm riding a horse drunk after motorists
then a giant squid adopts a country road
all before heavy metal and light even began

Then there are pregnant sisters
injured by nouns that make a throat sore
Take the petals from your metal radio
and the waves that pin themselves

Drinkers are constantly concerned with language


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  2. Thank ye, kind sir! Indeed, I am honored. :)

    The second stanza makes me think of the day of the "Shakespearean heavy metal." But, the alcohol was post horse, pre metal. :) And, yeah, a giant squid -- awesome!

    I'm also really, really diggin Jess's Picasso and the vagina. I am jealous of: "that is the definition of a girl in sounds... old bitten colors..." Dune, wow! Sigh.

    Such a rockin project, man!