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(William Carlos Williams) Gnawing Bones In New Delhi

---After Beaten By A Beauty Shop-Owner

Ganoush has a temper and splits
a girl's wool over two tempered
boards, a gram of salt, and the
buried grave of wicker harvest.

He made a gi(womyn)rl take shoes
apart in front of a crowd. My eyes
split her skull and her blood
made a ring for my finger.
I crammed her hair in my nostrils.
I made a plane and left there, found
a new place and kept it clean.

My car is now a ghost of where autumn
barfed her soul onto the ground and
I walk there, but I don't want to
know her name, so I keep her there.


  1. This poem made me barf autumn's soul onto the ground in my mouth a little bit. Well done.

  2. thanks, headless horseman tits.

  3. I like the use of "womyn" and Mez's tech. of "gi(womyn)rl"

  4. Mo! holy caste cysteme!
    You are the maharaja of
    hair nostril plug-ins!


  5. O Lanny, you know how to make a girl blush.

    Lacey, you taught me everything I know.

  6. Alex,

    I definitely need a poem called:

    Before Sodom Whose Sane...