big time cat fancier


Art History

Rules (by Lacey Hunter)

must include:
a color
i need to feel the wind
a moment in the supermarket
the smell of lettuce
7.5 lines

(the first two were warm-ups)

#1 Boat Smell

I took a boat to the supermarket
and I heard lettuce snapping
sweat-rain & filth-rain under the bed
this organic cat / we recalled / is so
breezy in his excellent wind gear / the hairs
in my skin were pressed and whispered
to / the scary market

#2 Orange

aisle 4 is full of blood again / I am
so happy drunk and horny, cereal
boxes & tang up against my palm / so the
room is painted for me / now magicians
fuck under big lettuce letters
spelling "LUCK IS WET" / yet I'm
still an asshole

#3 Francis Ford Copolla's Dishwasher

lettuce bungees my son's throat / yarns
of mashed potatoes and this is the
wet placeholder of her body--a supermarket
burial and a sound flight against rotten
into preciousness / first the engine then
chokes up dust / the moment the heart
made a flat sound

#4 IWW

boy aboard the red and silk mills
riding letters as in support / a mine
becomes dirt again / yet time, space
effectiveness, light / Mario humping a dryer
drum / clouds are fixed and the
breeze kills us / now art collectors
dig this lettuce

#5 Red & Black

Lenin's crooked donkey jaw breathes on
my whiskers, tells me about sword & shield
birthdays / he / two colors of breathe
one of which is lettuce / I try
to kiss the lens / his eyes/ and
he flees to a broken trunk / he
cowers like new mud

#6 J.B.

Josie becomes a red bird without shape
or no vocal jaw / she hops amongst
the slope / not a banana dance /
but this man in a white hat kills her
making music history while
napping / breath calling wind
lettuce hair is desperate


  1. Very nice m'dear, very nice. I can feel the wind now (as it drapes itself on my lettuce).