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Burning Australia, 1945

I have this feeling of boats
burning like the oldest known coal fire
and as we end another bushfire
a grim reality
ancient hunters molded by dried vegetables
but that acrid set won't let us cope

my sisters triggered the burning of a body
and then the tickle of thunder haunted us like
the atmosphere is a complete disc
a burning montage of smoke

this hot yellow field is lonely
perhaps we have hats and roots
splitting up into sections of a body
only this is making up a history
it can be touching and lifting
we look up and only see more grim fire

the moon here smells like a cherry bomb
this is not layers spent over little time
the violence in a church burns different

I quit spending time on layers
while Canada's ice floes were underground
a seam of coal
burning for 5,000 years

how can we sleep
when Australia is burning

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