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The Dirt Mall Pt. 3 (part I)


a hat has the pleasure of mint
and now the need to be in place only wishing ice
i know this and am it / am calling nothing
forward ice molts onto stupid
his shape is a faithful woman screaming to
foundations still down there / printing scribbles too numerous to please
nothing / a little endarkment / a place to find me

a breath / a breath
distances are not that far away
names and then death / he was a German inventor
via body after body / torso ripped and Young Orange
there is nothing to keep living for Young Orange
he has the name of breath / of distance / Young Orange
love this man and then death / what we do not know
which is a season / so Young Orange far away
from that same inventor / there is a living in death and distance
but we never drag out night and morn / but can eat timber and chips
only that body / that torso / that inventor
keep him living / body after body / and nothing
for Young Orange

the body /poor rock charming Helen / a signal
to give us by our well dressed / then our dream it had a bend fastening to a field
no effect on a serpent or the mother city / no natural colors
way out / the father or ocean / or screw yourself
this kind of furrowed old times / with heads turned
summer in the woods / watching Helen / upwards choking

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