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Subject: Here is the answer how to stop the torture of your dear people

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i am going to turn on some good music and choose to be happy.
and you eat with your sunglasses on
i have always dreamed of going to ireland, (and scotland too- mccaleb), to =
research our family history, and to see the green grass in real life.

you sit at the counter
we ate corned beef and cabbage with irish soda bread last night in preparat=
ion for the day of the irish.=20

she'll be here friday and saturday april 3rd and 4th, and she'll be taking =
appointments for all day/ night both days at my house.=20
kiss me, i'm irish

let's give a hand to the world, for everything it can do!!=20
pps- our topic of convo for the night was this article from the wall street=

and it's so yummy
simple is always prettiest to me.=20

my homekeeping secrets
we are happily enjoying being able to play outside again.=20

2. to keep the bedrooms clear i throw all the dirty laundry in the laundry =
room and shut the door. out of sight, out of mind!=20
this image of silke stoddard's knitting is burned into my mind and tatooed =
on my heart.=20

have you seen april's ms living yet?=20
with the sun streaming in

i was given the irish name kelly after my great grandparents' last name.=20
i am determined to get the house clean so i can relax and sew tomorrow.

i mean, look at her hair.=20
soft and long lacy scarf light enough for spring, extra long for winter wra=
pping, elegant enough for church, cute enough for a tshirt...i really love =
this scarf pattern (gee can you tell?).=20

may you always have courage to take a chance and never find frogs in your u=
here's an irish blessing from us to you...

they make me smile every day.=20

i am excited about my new running shoes.
i want those red boots and that coat.=20

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  1. I saw the panda suit guy reading on the lawn in front of the school and it made me think of you... it wasn't you, was it?