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Why I Want To Fuck Ronald Reagan

For Bryan Coffelt & Phil Spector's ashen ghost

=fucking stupid=

1. Man, fuck that.

2. Organic foods need to chill the fuck out!

3. The desire has creeped upon Los Angeles like a wedgie at a water park

4. When Phil Spector was stuffed into a prison cell to serve 19 ... Nope, she married Phil for *love*. Gag me with a fucking crimping iron.

5. Are you comparing Phil Spector to the Holocaust?

6. A bad hair day in prison.

7. fuck a duck has a reputation beyond repute.

8. u listen to britney spears, hells yeah, man fuck that.

9. u like olives(the food), hells yeah

10. Just watched a spider try to fuck an ant, and he said, "if you're gonna kill me, kill me. But don't fuck with me ears. I need 'em."

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