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Brandon Brown is a Starman

HI: Talking Points

1. Brandon Brown (BB) is one the most thoughtful and intelligent people I kind of know. His most recent blog post steered me in the direction of this amazing essay(?) on Prosody that I can't even talk about but only quote, "In the far-out sense (i.e. immanently) prosody is the dialogue between finite and unlimited energy." Which, as I pointed out on Brandon's Blog, has me thinking about Charles Olson's Projective Verse.

2. BB is a human being. And he also has a divine aesthetic sense when it comes to hip-hop. Without BB's help I may have never discovered the sublime of Rhianna or heard the beautiful poetry of R. Kelley's proposal to a stripper's ass.

3. I'd liken listening to BB read his poems to losing your virginity at a rap concert in space with Jimi Hendrix. Not really. But it's pretty fucking sweet. When read out loud, his poems have a conversational cadence and tone you might not imagine when you read them. Sometimes I'm not sure whether he's starting a new poem or talkin' robot trash from the future, but either way I'm enthralled. But reading his poems is still a treat, don't get me wrong. His poems have a savory abuse (in a good way) of language in them, with a touch of lyrical know-how and the hickory aftertaste of a lost narrative snatched from bits and pieces of overheard lunch time conversations (See: Six from Lunch Poems).

4. For all this, and much, much more, Brandon Brown is a fucking champ. (Also, BB will sell you cocaine laced with PCP if you ask nice.)

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