big time cat fancier


destroying all content

It is important to destroy the myth of scarcity first. That is precisely what cash is for, to select an American, put him above a grave and sing doctrines to him. Taken to its logical conclusions

humans, in their own way, will destroy the bees.

This can make dolphins--and various porpoise and porpoise-like mammals (whales, otters, people, labor models)--very nervous, to the point of uncontrollable shaking, vomiting and finally, mutual harassment.

Their eyes are contractually obligated to bleed sharp white crystals that hum "This Land is Our Land." Their teeth are removable pieces of milk candy. Their toes are pieces of language spoken for at midnight mass, with tiny etchings of candle light on the tips. Their fingers, underprivileged and torn, are ugly bulbs of flesh, each a vinegar capsule releasing into the air before bed.

While Socialists attempt to wreak havoc on slippery little LA weasels, I suggest we manufacture spawning beds for humans. We will cover the beds in the LIGHT OF GOD. And then magic conception! It will be beautiful and green, or boring and sexual.


Did you call, Light-God? Do you need me to cut a secret from you?

We developed a software using twitter to pump light into the houses of low income families, ask me how!


of course they drown.

Why yes, the little ones first.

No, it's not unpleasant to sing into the lungs of their dead little pill bodies. I find it quite invigorating. Like a frisky Danish breeze passing through my body. Like wearing those extra tiny shorts on holiday.


I say we voyage into the capacity of your space now, fondle up the curves of your curl, kiss the spit from your eyes. It will be such fun to see you smile at my Porsche again.


  1. I love the way this starts out, kind of unsure of its own language, knotted and strangely analytical. Then declarative -- bam!-- humans will destroy the bees, accusatory.

  2. Is it helpful when I tell you that I like that line with the people and the vinegar? You know which one I'm talking about.

    I'm going to tell you I like this poem whether it's useful or not. So there.