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Dissonance Remolds: Oy! A Feta Defaced Her... Um... Tut?

Another "tweak" of Sandra Simonds poems from Warsaw Bikini. I think I'll rename this first section of her book: Deb Dinged Orgy Mink.

after The Academy of The Future: Scenarios and Models

do you know of the the vast, calm, still, deep chemicals covering the gaps in the deep Russian parts of our house

should a horse vanquish wolves with mortgages with its pithy eye-holes

when the bells ring twelve times / when the bells are ringing here / in the house a bell rings / to tell us different kinds of unspoken words

New York women facing martyrdom lean in against a crass architecture / two holy blue lights / one a slippery night spire / one a birth defect of love canals / they pace and glow / their face with six frequencies

like some oxygenated cells

have culture

and beards

and an appreciation for Woody Allen

so the message board goes down / the baby turns up a big wimp / we keep waking up with the same breath

is this the easiest way to turn a thumb about

an acre of science and language fall off a square of newly turned earth / we are smitten to dance and be simple ocean creatures / like our parents or like the vikings or like guitar music made ugly / the field spreads in blades and teeth each one a new place to put a letter / we glower at our words / they are as ugly as the hilltops

and now / momma / we part houses

only to drink the big gulps

pitching over nettle water

falling out big cups

I am a simple being now

so an ocean of violins swell

and my being a story

about the perfect wave




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