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V-Day Poem for my Boo

a love poem (the best one yet) to keep from having to do anything else / even eating

is it possible for fireflies
to get real work / bum-rush
the grave of Flint Hill / Kansas
and I admire the way rice
hates electricity / the way they fill
jars with real art / business cards /
banks and trusts / the memory of
our meeting

two of them did get real work /
building a city for owls / a chart
racing gradually sinks / insofar as
roses and barbecues are people /
they blink on Ot Moor and flush

dealing in thought / counting up
from one to ten / there are no fields
beyond this perfect hair / there can
be no gathering of firefly clods
and beware / winds so strong
it is difficult to radiate / the female
flashing attracts mates / or a
three-mile wide cookie

further afield / the woods are
surrounded by parents and whales
/ down in the dark / the witches /
over 2,000 / are very hungry /
listening to Kevin Bacon / flashing
while nature decorates its help
with glow worms and rolled up
slacks / it is a musical / a moth
on fire / small / humble / humbling

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