big time cat fancier


i am knee deep in postcards and need ideas or else i'll drown in paper and that is no fun

jess rowan and i are writing each other a postcard a day while she is across the country, for the month. and i am behind. and need prompts or ideas or bear calls or potato guns or people to call me names. anything.

i will pay you in love and fresh blueberries.


  1. Negligent panda buffoon! Write to Jess!

  2. yes!

    that is just what i needed.

  3. at first i thought kasey's comment said "Write to Jesus!"

    maybe you should do that instead. or pretend jess is jesus and write poems like that. it's not that far of a leap. just throw a u in between her s's.

  4. this could get interesting, seeing as how i'm the antichrist.

    some other things i like and/or loathe:
    giant fires
    camper sleepovers
    lint (various)
    giraffe families

    get to work!