big time cat fancier


probably what i wrote to jess earlier today in my underwear while listening to Albert Hammond Jr. who i don't like that much

i sat for while this morning. and wrote some chunks of stuff that were supposed to be poems. they are mostly shit. but i am bored. and outside is hot. i have a sunburn.

bryan smoke condoms
behind ice cream & bubble gum factories

is that frowny face in front of an ass :)((

female with mallable limbs
& a love of breakfast time

i put (not) everything on the wall
took it down
looked and squinted:

one in particular was about a robot.

I turned a robot into
my ass using Jesus Magic
I saw on mom's TV.
It nibbled my bark dust
and called me "saggy nips"
and "totally girlfriend"
like telling secrets.
Now he is my ass. I
sit more now and fart
to make sure he's learning.