big time cat fancier



does anyone have a copy of MUTUAL APPRECIATION they could burn/lend me?

i'm dying to see this movie, not just because i like Bishop Allen, but i watched the trailer again and it looks sooooooo good.

help me.

save me.

i am more than willing to return the favor. name your price.


  1. Hey Alex,

    Oddly enough, this movie has been making its way up my Netflix queue and was hovering at #5. I bumped it up to #1 ('cause that's the kind of guy I am) and may get it sometime later this week (or next). My dilemma (actually your dilemma) is that I'm leaving for Burning Man next week and will be gone for another week (back right after Labor Day). I'm more than happy to lend it to you--as soon as I have it I'll let you know! Hope you're having a great summer!


    Michael Kerr

  2. you are a life saver.

    this movie has just been itching under my skin to be seen.

    thanks so much michael.

  3. It's really good. I had a copy last year, when the director was just mailing them out for shipping costs. But then I went to loan it to Kasey and couldn't find it, so I'm assuming it's lost.

    Ask Bryan if he remembers what (or who) was happening when we watched it.

  4. Alex,

    I have, right this very instant, the movie you're looking for! I'm leaving town Sunday for a week, but I'll be around this afternoon for a bit and then tomorrow for most of the day...where would you like me to drop it? Drop me an email @ and we can make arrangements... talk soon.