big time cat fancier


this is not funny

tonight an entire shelf (that i put up an hour earlier) of organic Italian sodas crashed and made a hell of a noise. only two broke... at first. then when i went to clean it up, i touched one with the broom, just ever so slightly like a feather falling on grass, and the goddamn thing exploded! everywhere! it got all over my pants and sent glass going all directions. what do they put in that shit?

"i want to buy you a beer. is there any way i could buy you a beer, like, leave up front for you or something?"

some guy offered to buy me a beer, at the store. he asked me if i understood composition. i told him i was an english major, so he said i must have no idea. then he offered me a beer again. i told him i was 20. i think he was hitting on me. maybe he was just nice. it's hard to tell. i think he was drunk too.

on the plus side i made a really good mix for my friend Jennifer who is visiting me tomorrow.

here's ye old tracklist, lament that tis not for thou:

friday night at the drive-in bingo - JENS LEKMAN
police story (black flag cover) - DIRTY PROJECTORS
coffee (ft. John Darnielle) - AESOP ROCK
a change is gonna come (sam cooke cover) - COLD WAR KIDS
paris is burning - ST. VINCENT
the courtesan has sung - SUNSET RUBDOWN
love goes home to paris in the spring - MAGNETIC FIELDS
tranatlantique - BEIRUT
plus ones - OKKERVIL RIVER
the night they drove old dixie down - THE BAND
i'm sorry but i'm beginning to hate your face - EAGLE SEAGULL
sci-fi kid - BLITZEN TRAPPER
the spirit of giving - THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS
worried shoes - DANIEL JOHNSTON


  1. Ooh, I wanna hear that DP Black Flag cover.

    Is that new Eagle Seagull? I only have one album of theirs, which is pretty good, but not as good as they were live, even though both live and in studio they sound a little too much like a Cure cover band.

  2. kasey: i only have two songs off of the new album, but it sounds different than their first. a little less cure and a lot more funk! not really funk. i just wanted to put that there. it's good though.

    and the DP cover is GOOD! the guy from DP has a weird sense of melody. it's kind of like a screech owl lead singing.

  3. At least your preserved-copulating frogs from a different country didn't break. That would be a real tragedy.

    East of Eden is also one of my favorite books. yep.