big time cat fancier


Barely Jesuit Enough

----For You

had a crumbling taste in the filter
mice building a shuttle
from the desert

nicely pink whale mails it in
water built of language
a haunting voice

they go out in the cold
easy sleep comes bearing west
snowy piss landing
mortar chips
a kind of machine

animals can kiss anywhere

planning to go clear
locked in raincoats
& baritone

we smuggle glum in our shoes
never breaking the shorts rule

opal clue voting for fire
I hope to be clear of this
opening cane & a pump

our lake billows
kid ghost all in our hair
nesting in bottom rocks
& seven octaves higher

carry her to Ohio
roast her blood
and tell Glenn Tipton
not this time


  1. Mark Kozelek. Nice. That songs still gets me. "Sundays and Holidays" is my all-time favorite.

  2. thanks!

    i think my favorite might be Woop-A-Din.